Astronauts typically train in large swimming pools to get aquainted with the activites that they will undertake during a spacewalk. These pools usually have 1:1 models of the ISS International Space Station or relevant infrastructure they they are likely to encounter in the vacuume of space.

There is a reason this training is completed underwater; it is the closest sustained feeling to being in space that you can experience on Eearth. This is certainly true with regard to the sensation of being Neutrally Buoyant; visually you are still in a swimming pool.

“Scuba diving is as close as it gets to experiencing weightlessness on Earth for long periods of time.”  Herve Stevenin; head of Austronaut Training ESA

At Raytracer we are designing technology systems that allow for a fully immersed Neutral Buoyancy environment where we can simulate any visual and auditory stimulus using our patented Virtual Reality system.

What was the inspiration behind this project?

There is a lot of innovation going into space exploration and not a lot of that is being focused on ways to train the future astronaut. It all starts with learning by doing in a safe environment where you can fail.

We have many years experience in serious games, computer vision, robotics, aerospace and training applications in AR/VR. We are passionate about the future of exploration, so this was a good fit for us.

We want to be a part of enabling humans to reach for the stars and be faster, better and stronger.