Force Multiplication 


The aim of our Carbon & Spotlite software platform is to provide multi-domain command and control of remote systems. This enables force multiplication of available assets and reduced cognitive load on the warfighter.

We aggregate multiple data input streams using a digital twin model that can be queried and controlled as a single point of truth.

We are collaborating with select strategic partners on this project. For more information please contact us.


Raytracer was founded with expertise in robotics & aerospace and is currently working to improve autonomous & semi-autonomous systems.

Our interest lies in the following areas.

  • Edge AI / target recognition
  • Force multiplication, swarm command & control
  • Nimble, deployable assets that organize intelligently
  • Multi-domain ISR
  • Human to machine interface


Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear threats create conditions where decisive and quick response is critical.

VR simulation lends itself well to allowing personnel to engage in high quality training that is immersive & builds reflexive memory and behavior patterns.

The frequency and consistency that training is undertaken is substantially indicative of how effective the training can be applied in the long term.

Our simulation platform is built on three fundamental principles.

  1. We built a VR HMD into a real CBRN certified gas mask, this means the user is experiencing real-world equipment usage while in a simulated audio-visual & haptic environment.
  2. High fidelity immersive simulation content that allows the user to apply their understanding of CBRN equipment through exposure to realistic scenarios.
  3. Allowing tailor made, relevant environments and locations to be simulated rather than needing to be configured in physical spaces allows for it to be rapidly deployed in many places.