Democratizing Space

Space Domain

The space domain is seeing a drastic increase in critical infrastructure, important to everyday life, national security & the furthering of space exploration.

We are developing command & control management solutions for remote systems that allow force multiplication and rapid semantic understanding of capability and potential obstructions.


Underwater VR

To many people, space is an abstract concept; there are only a small number of people in history who have gone there.
Neutral Buoyancy training is the predominant method of reproducing the feeling of weightlessness and general conditions that are experienced during spacewalks or interactions with microgravity.

We are building a world first VR simulation technology designed to exploit neutral buoyancy.
The system Dubbed Titan Lake, allows earth bound humans to experience a close proximation of space and weightlessness.
Not only is this project important for training future astronauts, it is also important for general stakeholder education around space related conditions and tasks.

This project is designed to bring space to earth and generate greater interest in this exciting, high-growth sector.

This project is a collaboration with the Australian Space Agency and is funded by a federal Expand Capability Grant.

Digital Twin


The space domain needs a modular software platform that breaks problems down into the sum of its parts using intelligent algorithms for semi-autonomous functions; our approach aims to provoke first principle problem solving in the user.

We create digital twin and simulation systems that provide more organic interface experiences and management of remote assets.

Our solution allows fewer people to remotely manage a greater number of assets while understanding the finite state of complex systems quickly with reduced abstraction.

Our focus is on the following areas:

  • Edge AI / target recognition
  • Force multiplication, swarm command & control
  • Nimble, deployable assets that organize intelligently
  • A single point of truth model